Explorazor Documentation

Explorazor is a data exploration and analysis tool that provides Brand Managers with a single, integrated view of all their datasets and enables them to obtain instant data pivots and test out hypotheses much faster than otherwise.

Explorazor helps Brand Managers by helping them:

  1. Have quick access to all the relevant data sources like Market research data, Primary and Secondary Sales data, Marketing spending, Kantar data, and so on, in a single Explorazor platform

  2. Get to the right data cuts quickly by using our simple search interface

  3. Eliminate the need of constant switching between tabs, sheets, and pivots to correlate the reason for market loss, right spend of media budget, discounting effectiveness, etc. The whole idea of this document is to demonstrate how Brand Leaders can make use of technology that complements Excel to make their day-to-day workings more convenient, while also enabling them to make better data-driven decisions than before.