Introducing Free Plan for Explorazor and Data Join Feature to connect your Multiple Datasets – Explorazor Product Updates

In this release we are introducing new pricing plans for Explorazor, including a Free plan, Data Join feature where users can create relationships between their datasets and Explorazor Playground, a place where users can directly play around with Explorazor on our pre-uploaded datasets, to learn more about the functionality of Explorazor.

Let’s Explore:

1. Revamped Pricing Plans: Enhanced Flexibility

To cater to our user’s diverse needs, we have introduced three new pricing plans for Explorazor: Free, Basic, and Professional. You now have the freedom to choose the plan that best fits your requirements and budget.

  1. Free Plan for Explorazor:

With the introduction of our Free plan, Explorazor is now accessible to all at no cost. You can easily sign up and explore search driven analytics with a data size limit of up to 100,000 rows.

  1. Basic Plan for Explorazor:

For just $10 per user per month, upgrade to our Basic plan and unlock additional benefits. With our free plan you get the ability to upload data files with a size limit of up to 5 million rows and benefit from advanced security controls.

  1. Professional Plan for Explorazor:

Experience the pinnacle of search driven analytics with our Professional plan, priced at $800 per month (Unlimited Users). This plan encompasses all the features of the Basic plan, along with the ability to upload data files of up to 500 million rows. Moreover, you’ll receive faster customer support with a dedicated account manager.

2. Create Relationship between your Data 

Understanding the importance of interconnected data, we’ve introduced the Data Join feature in Explorazor. Create relationships between your datasets to discover meaningful insights and correlations.

To get started, simply navigate to the ‘Datasets’ section, where you can establish a data join. Choose from four types of joins – Inner Join, Outer Join, Left Join, and Right Join to connect your datasets.

3. Explorazor Playground

The Explorazor Playground is your personal product tour for Explorazor. We’ve curated a selection of pre-uploaded datasets along with a set of sample questions for you to explore.

Playground will allow you to become familiar with all of Explorazor’s features and help you learn how to formulate ‘ASK’ queries using relevant keywords from your dataset.

That’s it for this time, and we’ll be back with more updates.

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