OCBC Bank Enters The Digital Age By Harnessing Artificial Intelligence

vPhrase (India) automatically summarises data from various financial sources into key insights for data-driven decisions to help relationship managers who serve small and medium businesses to create credit proposals and review statements. This tool can reduce the time taken to create these documents by 30%.

Acquiring corporate clients through accelerators

Companies take a lot of time to respond, especially when you are unknown. Being in an accelerator gives you the upper hand.

Microsoft & Accenture partner to help startups like vPhrase scale up

Microsoft, the world’s biggest software maker, and technology-consulting giant Accenture are joining forces to support vPhrase and other Indian start-ups as well as tap their innovations.

vPhrase Brings Natural Language Generation To Make Reports More Insightful

vPhrase Analytics is demystifying the visualization landscape by drumming smart insights alongside text that makes the job of analyzing easier.

Target selects vPhrase among 8 startups to develop innovative technology solutions

“We are fortunate to have the opportunity to tap into the immense innovation potential that exists in India”

Nomura identifies vPhrase among 8 startups to build solutions for capital markets & investment banking

“Rapidly evolving technologies are transforming the way we operate, and this wave of technological disruption is poised to reshape the industry.”

Startups that are changing India’s banking & financial institutions

“Ideally your reports should tell you not just what has happened but also why did it happen and what needs to be done about it.”

vPhrase provides insights from data

“It’s a humongous task for companies to go through enormous data, and interpret them. What if there is some software that explains the insights of data in words?”

Living with AI

“Instead of appointing humans to read through piles of data to pick out insights, vPhrase has created a product that does the job for you with a human-like script.”

How real is the Artificial Intelligence startup wave?

“Every company has to send performance reports to its employees or customers. The focus of our venture is to help companies communicate the insights in their data to their people at scale.”

Breaking code to make data narrate stories

“Visualisations are not insight, you need to interpret visualisations to draw insights from them. Our platform helps companies convert data into insightful and actionable stories.”

Artificial Intelligence: What is the opportunity for startups?

“Phrazor, is aimed at automating the process of interpreting data and communicating insights.”

When a robot takes your job

“vPhrase, is an AI-based data analytics platform that helps businesses make their reports easier to comprehend.”

vPhrase is coming up with disruptive innovation using Phrazor

”vPhrase is revolutionising the way insights are communicated from data.“

100 Hottest Startups

“vPhrase, helps companies make their data easier to understand.”

Meet the AI startup that translates everyday graphs into captivating stories

“If you want Google Home for your house, you’ll want vPhrase’s Phrazor for the office.”

Meet PHRAZOR, a robot that converts incomprehensible graphs into interesting stories and talking points

“Graphs, pie-charts and infographics were invented to make dry reports come alive and become more palatable. Ironically, however, people find themselves frowning as if in deep pain and throwing their hands in the air in exasperation at a Venn diagram that has too many circles for its own good.”