We, as humans, tend to understand things better through words and narratives; as against numeric data and charts. The better we understand, the better our decisions get.

Our patent pending platform, PHRAZOR, takes out the dry numbers and delivers simple words that communicate the  hidden insights. PHRAZOR analyses, reasons and writes like a human being, in multiple languages. It’s like an expert talking with each user individually.





As a decision maker, you should be applying your mind and time to develop strategies, action points and communication plans. This is possible only when someone like us unloads you off the piles of data, humanizes it and turn it into simple storyline; which gives everyone exactly what they want to know, in a matter of few lines.


Our patent pending platform, “PHRAZOR”, goes through any kind of structured data, understands the facts, derives insights, fits it into a story structure, applies language to it and in the end presents you with simple, easy-to-understand narratives.


“By 2018, 20 percent of business content will be authored by machines.”

– Gartner

“Due to Natural Language Generation’s potential impact on expanding analytics to a broader audience, it will become a feature of most data discovery platforms.”

– Gartner