A Pre-Built Brand Overview Dashboard and RCA Across Datasets – Explorazor Product Updates

Last month, we discussed dynamic KPIs and saving filters as groups, along with various updates to our super Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) feature. In Explorazor’s latest update, we’ll take a look at the newly introduced features Brand Overview dashboard, ability to conduct RCA across datasets, and 5 other helpful updates.

Let’s explore:

1. Brand Overview Dashboard

Any manager wants to have a quick and reliable overview of his important KPIs. Time is of the essence, as well as accuracy.

Explorazor now provides a pre-built Brand Overview Dashboard on request – for doing just that.

This dashboard provides key insights on important KPIs, patterns, and trends – all in simple language.

The Brand Overview Dashboard can help Brand Managers:

a. Benchmark brand performance

Get quick answers to your questions such as “How am I performing against my competition?” and “What does my performance look like in comparison to the category?”

b. Diagnose issues quickly

Looking at the trends of the data points within the dashboard, managers can drill down further to identify areas of concern, or potential areas of improvement, and zone in on that to find out more.

c. Save time

As all important KPIs are at one place, time to decisions is accelerated

2. RCA Across Datasets

Root-cause analysis is nothing but identifying where exactly a particular problem lies. Currently, conducting this analysis on multiple datasets can be time-consuming and possibly frustrating, as it requires constantly switching between them.

RCA across datasets eliminates the need to switch between multiple datasets where Explorazor takes care of transitioning between the datasets, as required, behind the scenes without you having to bother about it.

If you want to understand root cause analysis in Explorazor in detail, we recommend you read the drill-down via point-and-click article on our blog.

Other Updates: Explorazor March 2023

a. Table Slicer

You might have certain pre-set criteria based on which you would prefer your data to be displayed. Table Slicer allows you to do exactly that – insert your criteria and choose which sections of the data you want to view specifically.

b. Date Range Filter

Explore the events between any two time periods of your choice by applying the date range filter. This is another convenient feature that lets you be more precise in your searches

c. Group Data Sharing

Now you can share data with multiple people in your group, at the same time. Group Data Sharing helps managers collaborate better

d. Dynamic Period Filters

Dynamic Period Filters such as ‘Last 2 months’, ‘This Year’, etc. are auto-update filters where the values keep updating as the data updates

For example: If we pin a response created by using dynamic filter “this month” in the query, the values will be updated to the latest month every time the data refreshes.

e. Improvements to Group Filter

The option to manage all your group filters is now available on the left panel of your Explorazor screen.

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