Explorazor for a Brand Manager

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, brand managers play a pivotal role in shaping the success of a company. They are responsible for orchestrating a symphony of market dynamics, consumer behavior, competition analysis, and future-oriented strategies. To navigate these intricate challenges, brand managers need a powerful tool that can transform raw data into actionable insights. Enter Explorazor, a revolutionary search-driven data exploration tool that is changing the game for brand managers across industries.

Solving the Brand Manager’s Data Dilemma

Picture this: A brand manager staring at a mountain of data, trying to unearth extract meaningful insights that will drive revenue growth and unearth potential red flags. It’s a daunting task that demands a unified platform where all these disparate data points converge seamlessly. This is the precise problem that Explorazor addresses.

Introducing Parag Aggarwal: The Visionary Ex-Brand Manager

Parag Aggarwal is a luminary with over 12 years of experience at world’s leading FMCG companies- Procter & Gamble, SC Johnson. He took on diverse roles across business strategy, brand marketing (all pillars- product development, brand building, ATL/BTL & digital marketing), sales & distribution planning (general trade, modern retail, E-com).

Delving into the World of Data Analysis with Parag Aggarwal

In our exclusive interview with Parag Aggarwal, we unravel the critical role that data analysis plays and the challenges brand managers face when dealing with data.

Hello Parag! Thanks for taking the time to speak to us. Could you tell us a little about you along with some fun facts?

Hi, I’m Parag Aggarwal – a brand strategist, with a deep fascination for consumer behavior and market dynamics. Some fun facts about me, I am:

  1. a foodie
  2. an avid trekker
  3. a sporadic writer
  4. a financial enthusiast
  5. an unwavering travel enthusiast

How important is data analysis and how frequently is it conducted by brand managers in the CPG industry?

The significance of data analysis depends on the company and its processes, also to some extent – its culture. While some perform data analysis on adhoc basis, others do it as a regular monthly ritual. But I would say, it’s not just about crunching numbers and analysis alone, but in the generation of actionable insights.

What challenges do brand managers typically face when it comes to analyzing data from various sources?

The absence of data homogeneity and a single consolidated window/platform to look at data from multiple sources (Nielsen, Kantar, internal, brand tracks, etc) is a huge struggle. Because of this, it becomes very difficult to do a complete end-to-end hypothesis validation in one go which is the fundamental way to generate insights, or to perform a full Root Cause Analysis. And of course, the more excel files you have to open – the longer it takes and increases the chances of you getting lost in a sea of data points.

What kind of insights do you look for on a daily basis?

On a daily basis, I look at the market share and business analysis to understand what is working and what is not and most importantly WHY by linking it to consumer behavior or trade opportunities (distribution gaps), competition analysis (pricing, promotion, media, etc.)

Describe Explorazor in a sentence or two.

Explorazor is a dynamic catalyst for insight generation that helps perform swift root cause analyses, hypothesis validations, and comprehensive data analyses by seamlessly integrating diverse data sources within a user-friendly interface.

What is the difference between Explorazor and PowerBI?

It’s like comparing apples to oranges!

While PowerBI is a data analysis tool, Explorazor stands as an insight-generating powerhouse. Explorazor empowers users to achieve more with robust capabilities such as root cause analysis, hypothesis validation, and intuitive graphical representations.

Can you share an example of how using Explorazor can help a Brand Manager identify the root cause of a problem or uncover new opportunities for their brand?

Problem Identification: 

Imagine that as a brand manager, I encounter a dip in market share for one of our flagship products.

Data Integration:

Instead of panicking, I use Explorazor to seamlessly harmonize data from various sources – internal records, consumer behavior trends, and competitor analysis.

Hypothesis Generation:

Looking at the data, I assume the reason for the decline in market share is due to a distribution gap.

Hypothesis Validation:

Through a few clicks, I validate my hypothesis on potential causes, such as a competitive pricing strategy or a decline in media engagement.

Insight Generation:

The platform presents visual representations of the data, highlighting correlations and insights that might have remained obscured.

Actionable Strategy:

Empowered with these insights, I formulate a targeted strategy, adjust pricing strategies, or amplify media engagement to reverse the market share decline.

Why should a Brand Manager use Explorazor?

I believe Brand managers should embrace Explorazor to elevate their role from analyzing data to generating actionable insights. By leveraging its capabilities, brand managers can make informed decisions that have a tangible impact on business outcomes.

So, whether you’re a seasoned brand manager like Parag or someone just stepping into this exhilarating world, Explorazor is more than a tool; it’s a bridge between data chaos and actionable insights. Embrace it, and let the journey of data exploration begin.

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