4 Ways Explorazor Differs from Power BI

Power BI vs Explorazor

In this blog, we are going to explore 4 ways Explorazor differs from Power BI. Power BI is a data visualization tool that allows users to build interactive dashboards and BI reports. Explorazor is a data exploration and analysis tool that helps Brand Managers obtain data pivots instantly, through simple querying on an integrated dataset that combines Kantar data, IQVIA, Nielsen, primary sales, secondary sales, and more.

The common base between Power BI and Explorazor is that they both intend to help users make better sense of their data, and subsequently improve the quality of decision-making. 

How they do this is very different, and this is what we are going to explore:

4 Ways Explorazor Differs From Power BI

  • Made for Everyone 

One of the primary ways Explorazor differs from Power BI is that Explorazor is build for everyone from Business Users, Business Analysts to Data Analysts. Where Power BI helps Business Intelligence professionals and Data Analysts across industries, the ease of Explorazor, of searching using keywords makes it easier for every persona to perform analysis and take action real time.

Everything in the Explorazor UX/UI is upfront, neat, and conveniently placed. The left panel contains the Dimensions and Measures, the search box is at the top, and the answer covers most of the screen in the center. 

There are customization options available to convert tables into charts and graphs, but Explorazor is focused more on ease of usage and simplified presentation easier to perform ad-hoc analysis in real time and helps them obtain instant data pivots, rather than the more intricate, perhaps complex, dashboard and report building customization options provided in Power BI.

  • Smartness 

In no way are we suggesting that Power BI isn’t smart. Far from it. Users using Explorazor find that it is smarter ‘in context’. Let’s see an example:

Business User from the Marketing Team need to see the monthly/quarterly trends of a metric, say Market Share Value.

Explorazor supports this search query:

Likewise, as you will see in the next point, Explorazor not only supports time-based queries, but does that in an intuitive fashion. Because we have built the tool specially for everyone who wants to analyze data on fly, we understand the power of efficiently furnishing these basic results.

Explorazor’s has a simple purpose, and it’s a powerful one: whatever basics Users need, furnish them instantly.

  • Intuitive 

Explorazor lets you achieve a single result through multiple, natural ways. Look at this image as an example:

Whether you type q2 22, q2 – 2022 or quarter2 2022, you can expect a response to be produced. Explorazor basically understands the intent of your questioning. 

Another example:

Users are also able to compare custom time periods, like 

  • Sept 2022 vs Sept 2021, or 
  • November vs April

On a related note, search functionality is straightforward too: If you have multiple KPIs and cannot exactly determine your search query, just start typing and the system will prompt suggestions. 

Another method is to scroll through the left panel and double-click on the metric to add it to the search query.

  • Deep Exploration 

If there are certain parameters in Power BI which you want to look at but which are not present on the dashboard, you cannot do so until you edit the entire dashboard. 

With Explorazor, users can drill down into as well as drill across a particular data point. Root cause analysis is performed below on the Market Sales Value. We choose to drill further by ‘location’ and are immediately able to identify that Kansas and Texas seem to be areas of bother.

Moreover, one can go from a brand to a sub-brand to an SKU on Explorazor – through simple clicks. 

To Conclude

Explorazor is not here to compete with Power BI. It simply seeks to engage Business Users and Data Analysts in comparing the utility of both tools in their daily activities. Explorazor is designed specifically for Brand Managers – so why not explore it? 

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