Automating Portfolio Analysis Reports to share personalized recommendations with every customer.







One of the most diversified and reputed names in the Indian Financial Service Industry commenced itself as a stock broking company that bloomed into offering an extensive range of financial products and services.

Providing service differentiation in a highly saturated market is a tough nut to crack. It had become highly imperative for the company to offer a seamless experience to all its customers.

Identifying the barrier of Language Communication 

The financial service firm, caters to 100,000+ active customers across India, both retail and high net worth individuals. The company created monthly portfolio analysis reports for its diversified clientele to evaluate and communicate the performance of their investments.

Unlike the HNI investors, the reports generated for their retail customers were just a compilation of trading activity, inflows, outflows, positions, and balances in a dry tabular format. These transactional reports barely touched on the concept of performance. The broking firm lacked the bandwidth & financial viability to manually provide personalized human-advisory services to its retail customers.

Also, not every customer was adept in understanding portfolio reports filled with heavy charts and tables. Even the financially savvy clients were unable to comprehend and analyze how exactly their investments were doing in the market as compared to their peers.

Additionally, since the majority of the investors belong to Maharashtra, Gujrat and Tamil Nadu, they understood the regional languages better than English. Therefore, creating and sharing investment portfolio analysis reports in one common language – English proved to create a barrier of communication between the portfolio managers and investors.

Key problems identified:

  • Significant manual & financial bandwidth to provide human-advisory recommendations for each customer.
  • Tabular portfolio reports caused a communication gap between the clients and the portfolio managers.
  • Inability to send out investment reports to thousands of customers every month.
  • Incapacity to reach out to a diverse set of customers due to reports being generated only in English.

Personalized Multi-lingual Reporting with Intelligent Automation

The business team recognized they needed a solution that would enable them to prepare effective portfolio analysis reports for each customer without involving significant human effort. They chose Phrazor as it is the only solution that helps enterprises easily convert complex datasets into personalized narrative-based reports, at scale.

  • Using Phrazor, the financial service company replaced the need for human advisors digitally, without any involvement of financial experts. The team could now generate detailed portfolio analysis with personalized recommendations in the form of easy-to-understand narratives based on natural language generation technology.
  • The personalized recommendations are auto-generated, based on the customer’s current portfolio performance and their investment goals. The reporting automation tool considers different types of assets in a customer’s portfolio to evaluate its performance and highlights key insights like – warning signs, detailed recommendations, market trends, etc.
  • Using Phrazor, the team at the stock broking firm could easily scale their reporting process by producing thousands of reports at the speed of light by using data of any size without disrupting the quality and consistency of the insights.
  • To eliminate the barrier of language and communication, Phrazor provides multi-lingual capabilities using which the financial service firm could generate portfolio statements in 4 different languages– Hindi, English, Gujarati and Tamil.
  • The Phrazor team also created an interactive real-time dashboard for the company’s customers and advisors, where they could easily log in, evaluate and restructure the portfolio on a real-time basis. The provided recommendations could be implied just with a click of a button.
  • The real-time portfolio dashboard was also incorporated in the company’s mobile application to increase customer convenience and provide ease of access irrespective of the time and location.
  • Phrazor also assisted the financial service firm with multiple report-sharing options like a) Cover emails – which provides a brief summary of the portfolio insights b) Audio-Video reports – which compiles the entire portfolio analysis report with insights and recommendations into an audio-visual format c) PDFs – Customers can send the reports to themselves in a pdf format, at a click of a button from the dashboard itself.
  • To ensure data security and privacy, team vPhrase seamlessly integrated Phrazor with the company’s internal data sources via live APIs.

How the financial service firm leveraged the natural language generation platform, PHRAZOR?

Using vPhrase’s natural language generation and predictive analytics platform Phrazor, the financial service company could:

  • Create easy-to-understand reports which benefited the customers to understand their investments better, leading to an increase in the number of transactions.
  • The analysts deployed to prepare monthly portfolio reports were reallocated to work on other higher-value tasks. This effectively lead to optimization of cost and human resources.
  • They could seamlessly scale and reach out to thousands of prospects and customers at one go, as per their locale, language and investment goals.
  • The investors could easily anticipate the performance of their portfolio by creating different scenarios in the real-time interactive dashboards with zero dependencies.


1.25 lacs
Personalized client statements generated

9 %
Increment in trade transaction due to report
linking with trade execution

2340 hours
Man hours saved in customer portfolio
restructuring activity in a month

This is one of the many use-cases Phrazor executes in the banking and finance industry. To learn more about how Phrazor can help you, write to us.