When you have to meet daily targets of acquiring new customers, retaining existing ones and maintaining annual premium persistency, it can get difficult to step back and think whether you are going about it the right way.

This is where Phrazor plays its role, it analyzes data at every hierarchical level and informs each individual about which customers should they target, which policies should they sell and which regions should they focus on.

All of this can be made available within a few seconds in an easy to understand narrative style. Agents can find such reports quite useful where they can track their performance and understand where they need to work on.

bfsi insurance


  • Cluster Performance Report
  • Sales Performance
  • Risk Assesment Report
  • Zone Performance Report
  • Branch Performance Report


  • Corporate Claims Report
  • Company Summary Report

These are just some of many use-cases which Phrazor can execute in insurance industry. To know how Phrazor can help you with your particular use-case, write to us.