Democratize Business Intelligence

How Natural Language Generation Is Helping Democratize Business Intelligence

Regardless of how large an enterprise’s operations may be in size and scale, it is made up of hundreds or even thousands of employees at different levels and in different ...
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It's time to upgrade your BI with natural language generation

It’s time to upgrade your BI with natural language generation

The increasing availability of data to businesses has helped in making everything quantifiable. From the efficiency of small tasks to the potential outcomes of strategic decisions, everything can be measured ...
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How AI can add value to human resource management

How AI can add value to Human Resource Management

As more and more functions are automated with technologies like artificial intelligence, the jobs that still require human involvement are becoming more valuable and harder to fill. This is making ...
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How AI is transforming HR management

How AI is Transforming HR Management

People often misunderstand the role of artificial intelligence in the workforce of the future. They view AI as a potential replacement for -- and hence a threat to -- human ...
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Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

Why healthcare needs big data analytics

Healthcare is among the few industries -- alongside aviation, defense, space research, and law -- where precision in decision-making and certainty in action are of the highest importance. That’s because ...
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Top Uses Cases of Reporting Automation in Health & Pharma

The Role of NLG-based Reporting Automation in the Pharma Industry

The healthcare and pharma industries have always been among the leading adopters of cutting-edge technologies like AI. AI applications in pharma, such as the use of deep learning for developing ...
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Data Literacy

Develop a data-literate enterprise with NLG

Data doesn’t lie. But it doesn’t give you the whole truth either -- that is if you don’t know how to question it. That’s why you need analysts who are ...
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Data Literacy

Data literacy – the skill growing enterprises must watch out for!

Data is the most critical of resources that an enterprise can possess; second only to its people. And while it's great that data also happens to be the most abundant ...
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Financial Reporting

Giving Financial Reports a Facelift with Reporting Automation

Artificial intelligence is a technology that requires neither an introduction nor an endorsement of its capabilities. Popular machine learning applications capable of performing unprecedented feats like beating humans at games ...
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