Analysts spend hours reading P&L sheets and studying cash flow to evaluate a company. Instead, they can spend their valuable time on interacting with their client to get to know their business and find out the reason behind the movement in numbers.

On the other hand, Phrazor can be relied upon to do the mundane work of analysing financial statements. This will help your analysts in making an informed decision about the company’s creditworthiness. You can send out frequent updates to your investors about the fund’s performance with the help of our platform. Phrazor can write about the fund’s contributors and detractors in a style of your own. It can also diagnose which holdings led to better returns when compared to the benchmark.

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  • Credit Proposal Report
  • Fund Performance Report
  • Credit Score Risk
  • Fund Analysis
  • Lending Proposal
  • Credit Risk and Research
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  • Mutual Fund Statement
  • AMC Performance Report

These are just some of many use-cases which Phrazor can execute in asset management companies. To know how Phrazor can help you with your particular use-case, write to us.