We are a technology company based out of Mumbai, India. Our key offerings is our PHRAZOR platform (patent pending).

PHRAZOR gathers data, structures the facts and in the end applies language to present the reader with humanized, targeted narratives. At any given point of time, PHRAZOR churns out thousands of such articles and slightly tweaks to suit each type of audience, even be it an audience of one.

The articles are nothing but a bridge between numbers to knowledge. PHRAZOR describes the data in words, but most importantly generates insights that help with decision making.

Our vision is to build a society where you don’t need expertise to understand data.

Our mission is to ensure that any data, presented anywhere, has a narrative accompanying it.

Life at vPhrase

The moment you enter our zone you will realize everyone’s busy, transforming. The data scientists, developers and marketers are all changing the way you’ve been looking at hundreds and thousands of numbers every day.

While we are here having fun, as an outsider you will witness unrivalled engineering, editorial and trade aptitude brewing. This helps in creating an atmosphere that encourages innovation and inspires employees to bring forth their ideas. In other words, we’re a zealous bunch working together on a game-changing technology.


PHRAZOR uses a unique idea and technology to pull out insights from data. The idea and the technology are protected under a patent.

Our Advisors

President, Ryerson Futures Inc.

ED, Innovation Academy,
University of Dublin

Our Investors