Enhancing channel performance reports via real-time guiding analytics





Founded in 1995, a well-established key player in the media industry, owns and operates a network of 29 television channels with 700+ Mn viewership across 167 countries. The company offers a variety of genres in multiple languages such as entertainment, movies, music, sports, special events, and family comedy entertainment television channels. 

The entertainment battle for customer attention has never been more cut-throat with new entrants from tech firms and non-media brands. In order to withstand and stay on top of the game, the media network undertakes weekly channel performance analysis to identify key trends and value drivers for their audience.

Constraints in Enormous Data Management & Interpretation

Every Thursday, the Broadcast Audience Research Council of India (BARC) shares weekly viewership data with media entertainment companies to further analyze and evaluate the performance of their content assets. The BARC data is usually extracted from their MIS tool in the form of excel sheets. Havings its presence across multiple genres and languages, the media network analysis data in the following categories – Hindi Feature Films (HFF), Hindi General Entertainment Channels (HEGC), Marathi General Entertainment Channels (MGEC), Sports, English General Entertainment Channels (EGEC), English Feature Films (EFF), Infotainment and Bengali Entertainment Channels (BEC). 

The analytics team at the media network company manually extracted, cleaned and restructured the BARC data in excel sheets and produced reports in dry tabular formats. Managing high volumes of data along with creating multiple performance reports in a limited time interval proved to be extremely taxing for the data analysts and the leadership team. 

The channel performance reports lacked meaningful insights further delaying the course of action for the leadership team. 

Key problems identified: 

  • Lack of in-depth insights due to manual data interpretation
  • Managing high voluminous data was extremely arduous
  • Significant time-consumption in the report generation process
  • Delay in decision-making due to untimely and less-accurate insight generation

Uncovering Business-Enhancing Insights with the Power of NLG

The media company found solutions for the above difficulties in Phrazor, the reporting automation platform backed by Natural Language Generation technology. It has the capability of converting complex and high voluminous datasets into simple conversational narratives which makes the channel performance reports much easier to understand.

  • Using Phrazor, the media company replaced its entire manual reporting process with automation. The data analysts were now empowered to create personalized reports specific to the business teams and channel leads, rich with language-based insights.
  • Phrazor enabled the media network to reduce its dependency on manual labor and diminish the time lag between analysis and decision-making from days to minutes. The analytics team could be reallocated to other higher-value tasks.
  • The leadership team got easy access to detailed comprehensive analysis with drill-down insights across all genres like competitor channel performance, competitor show performance, program-level performance, top movie premieres of the week, prime-time and non-prime analysis against Gross Rating Points (GRP), Total Viewership Rating (TVR), Time Spent Viewing (TSV), Market Share and Reach.
  • To simplify the report syndication process, Phrazor generated the channel performance reports in the form of emails, newsletters and pdfs. This allowed easy and quick access to the decision-making team to get into finer levels of data.
  • Phrazor directly connected to the company servers ensuring uncomplicated data integration and extraction process.

How the Leading Media Network company leveraged the natural language generation platform, PHRAZOR?

  • Minimized manual efforts in report creation.
  • Aided in faster decision-making capabilities with thorough in-depth analysis.
  • Easy accessibility to channel performance reports in desired formats.
  • Auto-create comprehensive personalized reports at the speed of thought.


900 Seconds
Taken to generate reports which otherwise took 1.5 Days.

Improved Efficiency
By immediately identifying channel performance issues & areas of improvement

Communicate Insights
From data by generating real-time, written stories along with graphical elements

This is one of the many use-cases which Phrazor executes in the media & entertainment industry. To learn more about how Phrazor can help you, write to us.