Embracing an agile operating model via methodized technology



  • The FMCG company’s distribution is a complex affair due to multiple tiers in the structure with carrying and forwarding agents, dealer/distributors, wholesalers and the end retailers spread across the entire country.
  • Zonal/Regional officers invest an ample amount of time & effort in coordinating with various teams for sales, agents, product, region, campaign, primary-secondary performance & trend reports, while on field.


  • Phrazor, built on AI and machine learning analyses the daily distribution sales reports and provides instant actionable insights to the leadership team as well as the feet on the ground to effectively push sales across channels.
  • Phrazor acts as all-in-one data analyst for every member of the sales force. Summarized insights in the form of bullet points, relating to the individual KPIs and goals of every member are pushed across on a daily basis.


  • Phrazor creates analytical power to actively orchestrate and drive the sales execution in the field instead of doing a lot of post-facto analytics.
  • It enables the consumer brand to directly track sales, they can understand off take, convey promotions and also uncover additional insights such as ‘Retailers at Risk’.
  • Accurate & timely generation of reports results in time, cost and effort reduction.


19000 Reports
Generated annually. 200 sales officers covered.
Target vs achieved reports, sent out 4 times a day

100 hours
Of weekly efforts saved in report creation and distribution

02 Resources
Reduced in the MIS reporting team

This is one of the many use-cases which Phrazor executes in the consumer goods industry. To learn more about how Phrazor can help you, write to us.