Your customers are demanding. They expect you to know them and communicate with them personally. They easily identify bulk communication and send it straight to trash.

Now you can engage with each of your customers and prospects one-to-one by sending them personalised communication and you can do it at machine scale using Phrazor.

Phrazor will write personalised reports using language to add meaning and context to dry data making it easier for your customers to understand the communication. Phrazor writes in multiple languages allowing you to talk to each of your customers in the language they understand the best.


Portfolio statements can get overwhelming for even the savviest investors, normal investors get downright intimidated. Make their lives easier and improve engagement by writing easy-to-understand language based portfolio statements in their own language.


Utility companies like telecom, energy and others have to send out monthly usage bills to their customers. Instead of sending out a big table of numbers and expecting your customers to make sense of it, send them a short paragraph telling them how their usage is trending month-on-month and if they should be looking at a different plan which is more suited to their pattern of usage.


There are thousands of companies which trade on stock exchanges. It will be astronomically expensive to hire research analysts to research each of those companies and write an analysis on them every quarter. And your customers don’t restrict their trading universe to those stocks only which you analyse. In such a scenario, how do you help your investors without burning a hole in your pocket? Welcome Phrazor. Phrazor can write earnings analysis and detailed research reports on all the listed companies in just a few hours.

These are just some of many use-cases which Phrazor can execute to help you improve customer engagement. To know how Phrazor can help you with your particular use-case, write to us.

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