You want everyone in your organisation to take data driven decisions. But to do that, everyone needs to have the expertise and the time to analyse large sets of data and draw meaning out of it. People having expertise are expensive and are always pressed for time. Phrazor can solve this problem.

Phrazor organises data, analyses it, draws out the insights and the then communicates those insights using human-sounding language making it easy for anyone reading it to understand. Phrazor produces analysis in real-time whenever required.


Phrazor tells you leakages and wastage throughout various parts of your supply chain by looking at sku-wise delivery data.


Phrazor compares media spends across channels, brands and regions to evaluate the impact on GRP, reach, penetration, market share and sales.


Phrazor can help you rationalise your list of vendors telling you exactly whom to give more orders, whom to negotiate a better rate with and whom to let go.

These are just some of many use-cases which Phrazor can execute in BI reporting. To know how Phrazor can help you with your particular use-case, write to us.

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