Every data has a story to tell and insights to share. And we present you an enchanting storyteller – the PHRAZOR.

Created and developed to be a platform, PHRAZOR assesses your complex data, identifies the key points and describes them in a straightforward language using simple words. So, your team can read up the article and immediately arrive at the action points. PHRAZOR provides insights far exceeding your dashboards, charts and infographics. Moreover, it can transform any type of data in to words and present them in any type of tone, at a scale which humans can’t match; at least not without heavy time and monetary investments.

So, here’s how Phrazor can help you:


Send every employee a personalised story of her performance. The story which talks about how well she is doing, concern areas and the areas to focus on, in clear words.

Portfolio Analysis


Phrazor written analysis of your client’s investment portfolio reads as if it was written by a human advisor. This analysis can be made available on website, mobile-app, email and letters.

Media Articles


Phrazor is your Robot Journalist who can write articles which are data driven – earnings analysis, match recaps, weather reports and more.