How real is the Artificial Intelligence startup wave?

“Every company has to send performance reports to its employees or customers. The focus of our venture is to help companies communicate the insights in their data to their people at scale.”

Breaking code to make data narrate stories

“Visualisations are not insight, you need to interpret visualisations to draw insights from them. Our platform helps companies convert data into insightful and actionable stories.”

Artificial Intelligence: What is the opportunity for startups?

“Phrazor, is aimed at automating the process of interpreting data and communicating insights.”

Meet the AI startup that translates everyday graphs into captivating stories

“If you want Google Home for your house, you’ll want vPhrase’s Phrazor for the office.”

Meet PHRAZOR, a robot that converts incomprehensible graphs into interesting stories and talking points

“Graphs, pie-charts and infographics were invented to make dry reports come alive and become more palatable. Ironically, however, people find themselves frowning as if in deep pain and throwing their hands in the air in exasperation at a Venn diagram that has too many circles for its own good.”